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Welcome to Hiren Industrial Corporation Manufacturers & Exporters of Fire Fighting, Safety, Security & Traffic Equipments More than three decades to the service of Fire Protection, Security and Safety Industry, the company managed by technical qualified professionals with vast & ample experience in business of manufacturing and supplying the complete range of Fire Fighting, Fire Protection , Personal Protective Equipments, Safety Equipments, Road Safety & Traffic Equipments. "Our mission is to provide the best quality products that help you function in a very safe environment and provide the best safety and protection...." This strengthens our core competency to lead the organized segment of companies involved in our industry. OUR RANGE INCLUDES (A) FIRE EXTINGUISHER & ITS REFILL Fire Extinguisher- Water CO2, Mechanical Foam, D C P, A B C, CO2. Fire Extinguishing Media-Dry Chemical Powder, Carbon Dioxide, Foam Compound Spares- Hose, Horn, Trolley, Valve, Cap, Washer, Nozzle, Lug, Spindle, etc (B) FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT Fire Protection- Fire Hose Pipe, Hydrant Valve, Hose Coupling, Branch Pipe, Hose Reel Foam Equipment- Making Branch, Foam Monitor, Foam Generator Allied Equipment- Fire Hose Box, Fire Man Axe, Fire Beater, Fire Hook, Fire Bucket, Fire Bell (c) SAFETY EQUIPMENT (P P E) Gloves, Canister Gas Mask, Breathing Apparatus Set, Resuscitator, Aluminized Suit, Helmet, Goggle, Shower & Fountain, Emergency Kit, Safety Torch, Siren, Wind Sock, Stretcher, Gum Boot, Face Shield, Ear Muff, Ear Plug, Apron, Blanket, PVC Suit, Plus Pressure Suit, Safety Belt, Safety Net, Rope Ladder, Traffic Control & Road Safety Devices, Safety Sign & Posters (D) FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM Fire Water System- Hydrant System, Sprinklers, Water Monitor, Spray System Fire Detection & Protection System- CO2, Foam, DCP, Smoke, Heat, Flame Detectors, etc (E) SECURITY EQUIPMENT Hand Held Metal Detectors Door Frame Metal Detectors CCTV Alarm Systems Access Control Our products find applications in almost all industries and work places. We have established ourselves in providing quality products at par excellence all the way. We have been regularly supplying products to various industries like Chemical, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Refineries, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Cement, Mining, Food, Rubber, Paper, Electronics, Engineering, Textile, Thermal Power Stations and Government Dept, etc. ALSO MEMBER OF NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL (NSC) SAFETY APPLIANCES MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (SAMA) Please let us know the products of your requirements with details that would enable us to give you best reasonable prices.

  • 8, Krishna Kunj, 144/145, M.G.Road, Rajawadi, Ghatkopar (East) -400077
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